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There are two realities with this site–I am usually writing a cohesive study of some sort, which you will find in the menu bar starting with “Current Study:…” This is where I glom onto a concept, theme, or scripture passage and explore it over the course of a period of time. The other area is the “Blog” which tend to be stand-alone reflections on life, faith, and walking with Jesus.

Whatever you find, it is an honor to share Jesus with you. May He be honored.

About …groundswell…

A groundswell starts with a movement, a small, sometimes infinitesimal change. And one change becomes a ripple, then a wave, then an entire movement. Such is the life of faith. What begins with one small change in one human heart can magnify into changing the world for Christ. Don’t worry about the big things–start with the small and watch a groundswell emerge.


About Dr. Cook

With nearly two decades of organizational development experience, Dr. Cook finds her deepest satisfaction in applying biblical principles to everyday situations. By studying the most successful organization in history–the people of God–she brings a depth of understanding of the underlying spiritual tides combined with secular research in leadership, organizational development, and social science in teaching, consulting, and writing on aspects of personal and organizational growth.

Jennifer’s fascination with systems influenced her educational decision to build a web of understanding by combining a bachelor’s in advertising campaign design with a master’s in organizational communication and a Ph.D. in university administration.

As a born and raised Pacific Northwesterner, Jennifer fills her time with outdoor adventures, kitchen creations, and musical wanderings.

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