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Welcome! I am honored that you dropped by. I hope you stay a while.

Why …groundswell…?

Groundswell is the notion that a movement can start with tiny movements. I firmly believe that change in this world begins with change in one person. And with that one person, those in their lives are impacted. And then others are impacted. Like a wind flowing across a field, one movement encourages the next to move. You may be part of someone else’s swell, and in being there, you are creating a swell in your own areas of impact.

Considering Jesus…

Whether you have followed Him for years or are peeking around the corner to see what this Jesus is all about, welcome! Every eternal life change begins with considering Jesus. Who He is, Who He claimed to be, His commands, the impact of following His commands…it all matters. And it all begins with considering Him. To consider something is to think about it carefully before deciding how to respond. Consider Jesus. I pray your consideration encourages you to keep pursuing Him.

Where to start

Here are the latest projects happening on the website. You will also find some older projects that are completed, but still available. May you feel the Spirit move as you read through these pages.

The Jesus Project

2014 launches one of my most anticipated projects to date: The Jesus Project. The center of our faith, Who is this Man? Who was He prophesied to be? How do we know Him? This project centers on Him, not us. Centers of His words, His life, His thoughts, not us. It is all about Him. May this year be the year of His favor.

The Blog

The theme of faith unifies this blog. This random assortment links everyday life to spiritual realities. Whether exploring how a physical therapy appointment reveals the heart of God or what it means to mow dandelions, this collection is just life in action.

Bible Studies (with Homework)

A love of learning and insatiable reading habit combines with questions to provide several Bible study series.

Daily Devotions

If your need emerges as daily doses of scripture and reflection, the daily devotions section was written for you!

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Me, Other Places

I am honored to be part of Jesus’ work on other websites as well. Check out the articles I have published on other sites.

Relax and enjoy

Grab your cup of joe (cream and sugar for me, please), and stay a while. We’ll explore the questions of life and faith, walking with our Savior, empowered by the Spirit.

May God be gloried. Amen.

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