photo by jennie mahon
photo by jennie mahon

God, you know how afraid i am of taking control of those things you have given me to handle.

yet i grumble about those things i know are Yours to handle.

there is so much You ask of me
that I must be in great shape
mentally, physically, emotionally,
to handle it.

Your yoke is easy and Your burden is light.
the better shape i am in,
the more i can easily carry.
wimpiness means weakness.
if i remain wimpy in spirit, the loads i can carry are much smaller.

“…well done, good and faithful slave.  you were faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things; enter into the joy of your master.” –Matthew 25:21

the blessings of God are a weighty thing.
we cannot expect to be able to handle them.
just as so many lottery winners end up more broke
after winning the lottery,
we run the risk of doing the same thing
if given more blessing than we can handle.

so often we see the “burden” as being the hard things in life.
what if the more in-shape we are,
the less the burdens impact us?

what if the spiritual muscle Jesus wants us to build
is not so much so we can endure the hard times,
but so that we can handle the blessings?

want to know if you can handle it?
how do you react in difficult times?
is it “woe is me” with a focus on getting everyone looking at you?
or sulking?
or pouting?
or demanding?

or do you simply go to the Father for your daily bread, asking Him to show you
how to be,
how to respond,
how to move forward.

this doesn’t mean that going to Him
doesn’t include tears,
or heartache,
or sometimes anger.

it does mean, however,
that your perspective is exactly
that the only One who can help you
is God.
and the only way to get that help
is to humble yourself before Him.

and when He says, “get up, kill and eat”
you believe Him.

and when He says, “fast and pray”
you do it.

that only in obedience
will peace be experienced.


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