photo by sue byford

what on earth?!?  i watch as a man on a shiny riding lawnmower mows a lawn of weeds.  a dead lawn.  full of weeds.

the lawn that hasn’t seen water in months, very dry months at that, is full of dandelions.  instead of pesticide, even organic!, they just mow.

because if it looks like it has no weeds we don’t have to admit that there is a problem.

how ridiculous is that?!?!

just because you cut them, they do not go away.  in fact, it actually just spreads the seed across the lawn to produce more weeds.

whitewashing tombs doesn’t make them any less a symbol of death.

a cup only clean on the outside doesn’t make it a healthy vessel from which to drink.

in looking at your own life, are you just mowing weeds?  or are you digging out the root, covering it with weed killer, and actually tending to the lawn to prevent more weeds from taking root?

how’s that taming of the tongue going?  made any headway there?  or that coveting, jealousy, envy, or strife?  have you pulled out the weed spray and taken it to them?

taming your tongue can only happen if you first tame your heart.  if the thought, feeling, action is in your heart, it needs to be rooted out.  simply hiding it from public display will do nothing to keep it at bay.  in fact, it will only fester, produce seed, plant those seeds, and grow into a bigger problem than you can keep quiet.

it is for the health of the lawn that the weed killer is used.  it is for the health of your life that you should do the same.

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