flour drawer--closeup cropped--minimized
photo by my mom

this picture is classic.  in our family, before we learned to speak, we knew where the cookie jar sat at grandma ruth’s house.  before we had the physical ability to stir, we knew the flour drawer was important for all things coming from the kitchen.

grubby hands, digging through the flour supply “helping” grandma with pie crusts or cookies, or whatever she was making.  and whether it needed flour or not, we were involved.

isn’t it the same way with God?  He appreciates the spirit of help, though sometimes our “help” is far from actually helpful.

He tries to make a flaky crust, and we throw more flour at Him.  He tries to create some protein in our lives, and we’re handing Him a measuring cup.  and just like grandma ruth, He smiles a gentle smile and says, “not yet.”

for though we try our darndest to really screw things up, He is there, patiently guiding us so that the recipe that comes out of this kitchen is fragrant, appealing, and reflective of the Master’s Hand.

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