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“And God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because in it He rested from all His work which God had created and made.” –Genesis 2:3

it is an amazing thing.
today was a busy day.
but throughout, God kept whispering,
“now it is time to rest.”
and i obeyed.

what would have been just one baking adventure
and maybe a load of dishes
because three different baked goods,
several loads of dishes,
and a cleaned great room.
all because
i rested when He asked me.
had i pushed all morning
and rested all afternoon,
as is my typical mode,
i would not have been able to accomplish
all that was accomplished.

i wonder how many times
i have allowed stress to enter my life
because i wouldn’t rest.
though given the capacity
to do many things,
accomplish much,
i am not a natural at resting.

even if i sit,
even if in front of the tv,
i will have my computer on,
running searches for recipes
or planning spiritual teachings,
or merely clicking around facebook.
whatever the fidgeting,
i do not rest.

but today was different.
i was afraid i was going to get sick,
so i actually listened
when God asked me to rest.

i slept in,
then worked a little.
then took a nap,
then worked a little,
then made some lunch,
then took another nap.
rested, i was able to engage in fun banter
with a friend
who texted
to share some great news.
had i not been rested,
that interaction may have been short-lived.
instead, because i was rested,
i was able to engage fully,
to give my friend encouragement
and share some laughter.

a little work
a little rest.
a little work.
a little rest.

and i cannot believe
all i was able to accomplish.
so often we think
that plugging through,
even when tired,
will get more accomplished.
but God didn’t design us that way.
He created us
to need rest.
and in that rest,
we can be restored.

enough writing.
it’s time to rest a bit more.

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