photo by rodolfo clix

peace is nothing like the calm serenity we think we long for.

the peace of God comes, not with breezes on the hillside, or the relaxation of a summer walk.

no, the peace of God comes with confidence in the marching battle–that the Commander in Chief leading me is True, and the battle before me is for His victory.

peace on the battlefield looks a whole lot different than one would expect.  after all, the apostle paul didn’t wake up in the morning and say, “wow, it would really make my day if i got thrown in jail–again.”

is your view of peace too small?  do you only seek it in the visage of external serenity?  or are you willing to look for it when the world spins, the battle wearies, and the future is unclear?

your answer to that question
will make all the difference in the world.

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