photo by carole nickerson

“could i get a new cup?
i spilled my drink
and was wondering
if i could just pour what’s left of it
in a new cup
because this one is dirty now.”

“what drink did you have?”

“oh…it was a sugar-free vanilla latte.”

“we’ll remake it.”

“no, you don’t have to do it.
there’s still some good left in there.
if we can just pour it into a new cup,
it’ll be okay.”

“no, no.  we’ll remake it.”

“oh, you don’t have to do that.
i’ll just order another one.”

“but then you won’t get your full drink.
we’ll remake it; it’s no problem.”

“i am really sorry.
you don’t have to do that.
if we can pour what’s still good
in a new cup,
i’ll order a smaller size one
and fill the rest up.”

“you don’t have to do that.
we will make you a new one.”

“really?  i mean, you don’t have to do that.

“no worries.”

how often
do we take
the spilled cup
of our soul,
in our own mistakes,
ruined what’s there?
how often
do we take our dirty cup to Jesus
proposing our “solution”
as a piecemeal
bringing together
of things that won’t add up
to what we were?
how often
do we offer
to pay more
than is expected,
more than is asked?

how often
does He offer to remake us,
and complete,
so that we can enjoy
the life
of a wholly new soul?

and how often
do we gently disagree with Him,
the dirty cup
is our own fault,
and seeing ourselves
of His healing?

may we ever be
like the woman
who finally let
the master coffee makers
make her a brand new drink,
gracefully accepting
the barista’s grace,
with gratefulness on her lips,
and a humble smile
making her face

may we accept the offer,
to be made new
every day
in every way
every time
we humbly bring
our dirty,
coffee of a life
to the Master Barista,
Who waits,
gentle smile
radiating His face,
the joy on our face
when we are given
a brand new drink,
a brand new life,
and a whole new understanding
of His grace,
His love,
and how He finds joy
in giving good gifts.

may we accept the gift,
appreciate the Giver,
and spread the word
of how our dirty cup lives
are made new
by no work of our own,
only because
the Creator of the universe
loves us.

what a story to be told.

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