photo by shari hoover

“where is your focus?”

this question rises to the top.  like fresh cream raising to the top of the milk bucket, the richness of this question comes to the forefront of my mind.  and just as cream is the best of the milk, the answer to this singular question can bring richness, depth, and concentration to a life.

i sit in another state, looking over the hills and valleys of my childhood…literally.  and i wonder, thinking over the hills and valleys of life.  i wonder what will come.  and i wonder the results of the direction i feel God leading me.

i release control—funny, this concept of releasing control.  because, quite frankly, the things i thought i was controlling were completely beyond me anyway.  “so what is there to let go if you didn’t have it anyway?” you may ask.  i asked the same question.  and the answer from heaven was “be anxious for nothing.”

soooo, all that energy…wasted…being anxious over that which i had no control of anyway.  i try to leave the questions of “why” and “what if” aside, for there is no fruit in those questions.

and that thought precess reminds me of the teaching of a friend.  we studied mark 14 which chronicles Jesus’ life from he last supper through Peter’s realization of his betrayal.  and when pondering the moments when Jesus answered the accusations and when He remained silent, my friend made a wise observation:

“when we accuse Jesus, He never answers.  but when asked if He’s the Son of God, He answers every time…what is He saying when He’s silent?  then, what is He saying when i’m listening?” –michael smith

as my friend observed, when we question Jesus, challenging His motives, His actions, He tends to remain silent.  when we ask Him to show us who He is, however, He answers every time.  when we recognize Him for Who He really is, the other, fruitless questions fall away.  for when in the presence of the holy Christ, what more can we say than the words of the Roman soldier at the cross: “truly, He is the Son of God.”

as i ponder life, love, joy, peace, and all the rest, the question remains: where is my focus?  am i focused on the holy leading of the Almighty God?  or is my limited view of the things i desire getting in the way?  what is blurry to me?  and what is clear?  and are those things where they should be?  focus shifts–and i must be careful as to where it shifts, and where i focus.

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