photo by nicole jenkins

as a little girl, i would often wander down the street to the park across the way.  i would swing for what seemed like hours, praying, singing, imagining the things little girls imagine.  there were special days, days when a few clouds spread across the sky, playing hide-and-seek with the sun.

you know that edge of the cloud?  the one where the cloud is darker, but the edge of the cloud is lit up bright as can be?  my little girl faith just knew it was Jesus sitting on the edge of the cloud, listening to my little girl heart, smiling at my songs, and dreaming my dreams with me.

i imagined He was there, just to let me know that He was there.

years later, i would smile at my little girl naiveté.  i remembered those days as precious times.  i never told anyone of these “silly” thoughts.  i cherished them in my heart, regardless of how silly i thought i had been.

but that all changed.  a simple phrase from a friend changed everything.  everything.

with chagrin i told him the story.  i said how silly it was to think such thoughts, that Jesus would be sitting at the edge of the cloud and His glory was lighting the edge.  my little girl heart, still present in the sharing of the story, prayed that he wouldn’t laugh.  instead, he changed my life.  when i completed the story, ending with a blowing-it-off kind of chuckle of “how silly to think Jesus was sitting there”, his response changed my life:

“how do you know He wasn’t?”

my breath caught.  it couldn’t be–this friend couldn’t be agreeing with the longings of my little girl heart, could he?  “what do you mean?” i asked.

“how do you know He wasn’t sitting there listening to you?”

and then there was silence in the car.  not only did my friend affirm my little girl dreams, he blow the doors off my concept of Christ.  maybe He really does hang out on the edge of clouds, listening to the ponderings of a little girl heart.  after all, we never really do grow out of that state of heart.

my question to you is this: in that child’s heart, where did you meet with Jesus?  what if He’s still hanging out, waiting for you?

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