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curled up on my couch with a breakfast bowl of cereal, i laugh.  i enjoy of morning cereal–with a plastic spoon.  not because plastic is better, but because i have flat run out of spoons.  and in the oven is a new recipe for banana bread–which i made using plastic spoons as measuring spoons.

maybe it’s time to do dishes, eh?  dishes are the procrastinator’s nightmare.  after all, as long as there still another plate in the house (paper or otherwise), the rest of the dishes can wait until tomorrow.

as i wandered through my morning, i plotted my next food blog posts.  you see, i’m moving in a a little over a month.  and though i am moving across town and can easily pack the food and bring it with me, i would really like to clean out the cupboards.  so those who follow my food adventures will find the oddest array of cupboard-cleaning recipes.

and i look at the office downstairs that will need to be packed.  there is some culling that con be done in my bookshelves.  and don’t even get me started about the purging that can be done in my bedroom closet!

all these thoughts make me realize a pattern long been in place in my life.  i build and build and build stockpiles and then i clean house in a massive venture of simplifying, purifying, and unburdening.

what is true in my physical world is also true in my spiritual world.  if you’ve followed this blog for long, you will notice the deserts of posts suddenly broken by a flurry of thoughts on a number of subjects.

it is a pattern long set.  and a pattern i’m not entirely sure needs to change–at least not completely.  i will admit, however, that there needs to be a bit more regular weeding of the spiritual garden, just like the dishes need to be done a bit more regularly in the physical world.

and rather than feeling bad about this pattern, i need to let go of the unrealistic perfectly-martha-stewart world i have in my head and just realize that the blankets in the living room will simply be piled until the end of the week–only to get piled again the next week.

tailoring the pattern in needed areas, and letting go of the feeling-bad-about-the-pattern in others.

what patterns are in your life?  look at your physical world–what habits do you have?  chances are good that same pattern exists in your physical life.

as you wander through your day, notice your habits.  in the spiritual world, what benefits do those patterns have?  what are the drawbacks?  for example, if you are a results-oriented, driven type person, you may find great growth in your spiritual life as you increase in obedience to God.  that same quality, however, may create struggle in the area of prayer in your spiritual life–unanswered prayers and/or the patience of God can derail the driven personality.  and maybe that’s where you need to let go of your driven-ness.

what is your external world showing you about your internal world?  and what is God asking you to do about it?

if you’ll pardon me, i have dishes to wash…

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