photo by kaan tanriover

it does not matter how long you run the water,
if you don’t plug the sink,
it will never fill up.

hot water,
cold water,
soapy water,
rinse water.

it does not matter how long the water runs.
if you never plug the sink,
it will never fill
with whatever it is
that you’re trying to dump in there.

as i laugh at my oh-yeah-that’s-how-you-wash-dishes-by-hand-again moment,
i stop in my tracks.
i dry my hands.
and here i stand…
yes, stand.
in my kitchen,
having just put bread in the oven,
i stand typing.

because He stopped me in my tracks.

no matter how much i pour into my life,
if the holes aren’t plugged,
all those things
will just run right out.

no amount of love will ever be enough
if there’s a hole believing i don’t deserve it.

no amount of success will ever fill me up
if i continually believe i am the only one who can make it happen.

no amount of writing
will ever fill the void
if there’s a hole that says “so what?”

not enough
of anything in this world
will fill you up
if there are holes in your spirit.

and the cliche is true:
until you believe that Jesus is all you need,
nothing on earth will ever be enough.

“i’m a sink with an open drain”  –grey’s anatomy

“God is faithful, through Whom you were called into fellowship with His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.” –I Corinthians 1:9

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