photo by colin brough

as the last dish is rinsed
and placed on the pile to dry,
a sigh breaks forth.

for in the oven are two more dishes.
they are doing their job,
holding the bread as it bakes.

and they will be dirty,
and needing cleaning soon.

hand-washing dishes is not my favorite task.
when you think you have finally made it,
there is always more.

faith is the same way.
it occurs to me
that faith
keeps providing
another step,
and another step
and another step.

and at times,
just as i wish the dishes would be done,
i wish the steps of faith would be done too.

i wish i could wake up
and finally be “there”…

but just as never washing dishes again,
attracts critters,
and smells,
and bugs,
and rot,
never taking another step of faith
ends in the same result.

but instead of rot in the sink,
we get rot of the soul.

so rather than bemoaning the fact
that another step of faith is required,
maybe it’s time to accept the fact
that life is a choice.
and i choose vibrancy
and cleanness of the soul.
i chose to avoid the rot,
and therefore, i choose to take another step.

and another.

and another…

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