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the morning wears on and my eyes start to get more and more squinty.  is it the week of work that causes the headache?  the allergy season?  the coffee i forgot to make before i left the house?  or the water that i filled and forgot to grab on my way out the door?  or the culmination of days of not drinking enough water?

you guessed it…all of the above.  it fascinates me how we want to blame one thing for the effect we see.

cause and effect.
it seems like it would be straightforward,
seems like it would be easy.

but the headache has many causes.
and to focus on one
while overlooking all the others,
minimizes the total.
the result is no longer the sum of it’s parts.
the cause and effect become simplistic
and i miss out on the opportunity to actually address the issue.

so what does this have to do with anything?

well, a lot.
my friends and i were talking about worship,
and how worship is so much more than singing.

we talked about how God can be seen in things
that are not meant to be godly.
songs never meant to discuss His attributes
litter secular radio.
the stories He tells
of heros, villians, redemption, salvation, unconditional love, and grace
splash across our movie screens and televisions.
these are the themes of novels,
self-help books,
and the heart of the human soul’s cry for significance.

when we boil God down to one thing,
we miss everything else.

when we say He is merely a spiritual being we encounter at church,
we miss it when He provides a great parking space,
the money for rent,
the text from a friend at just the right moment.

these things are not happenstance,
they are gifts of God
in the moments of the day
that seem anything but godly.

He works.
He works all the time.
are you seeing Him?

or have you minimized God
to something that can easily fit
in our christian-ese way of decidedly determining every single aspect of everything.

God is so much bigger.
to say He is only spiritual
negates His work in the physical world.
to say He’s only a Savior
negates His compassion, care, and respect for us.
to say He is only found
in prayer, fellowship, or His Word,
is to miss out on the breeze blowing through the window,
the laughter of the child just outside,
or the perfect cup of coffee.

boil Him down,
and you do not concentrate Him,
you lose out
on so much
of the everything
that He longs to show.

–by jennifer cook

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