originally posted April 26, 2011

The time has come.  For Christmas, I got a new quilt.  My “old” quilt looks much like that toddler’s blankie that you cannot possibly pull from their grasp.  It feels like it too.  Softened by years, worn at the edges, even nearly see-through in some parts.

Kind-of like my soul.  There are areas in my soul I realize I have used far beyond their use.  It is time to break out of the old molds, see God in a new and different way.  The old ways weren’t wrong–they are godly and directed and purposeful.  They are also “old.”  Worn, tired, and relied upon for far too long.

I am breaking in my new quilt.  I am forcing myself to pull it out and curl up with it while on the couch.  I wrap it around myself, seeking warmth and comfort in my I-like-to-keep-it-chilly home.

The new quilt.  It doesn’t fit the same way the old one does.  It takes some bending and folding and crumpling to make it work.  And still, I miss the ease of the old quilt.

Such as it is when trying out new territories in the soul.  It takes some getting use to, these new areas.  It takes some bending, folding, and crumpling to make it work.  The old parts have not passed away.  They just have their place, which is no longer in the center of hte action.

My old quilt is the same.  It has its place, but is no longer the go-to quilt when curling up at the end of a day.

These changes He is making your life–they are simply a new quilt–they take some getting used to.  Give it a chance.  Discipline yourself to keep choosing the new.  And one day, they will seem old and comforting too.

photo by Johanna Friedman

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