We live so fearful of the next attack.  We seek cover before we even know what is out there, if anything is out there.

“Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean someone isn’t out to get you,” they say.  But being paranoid will not enrich your life.

Do you trust that God can and will protect you?  Do you trust that He knows your deepest need, your deepest desire, your deepest fear?

“We’ve got friendlies mixed with bad guys.  Targets will be marked…Bring the rain.” –from the movie Transformers

If you haven’t seen the movie Transformers, it is a great action flick.  But as we watched it for the hundredth or so time, I got that distant look in my eye.  My friend saw it and said, “There she goes again.”  After the movie, he turned and said, “So, what spiritual lesson did you think up this time?”  (Can you tell that watching movies is a common source of inspiration for me?)

In the quote above, the Air Force ground communicator is talking to the Air Command, letting them know where the good guys are, and where the bad guys are.  “Bring the rain” is not a request for refreshment.

“Bring the rain” is a request for an all-out dumping of all the ammo the fighter jets have.

“Bring the rain” is not a request for replenishment.  It is a cry for help, trusting the hands at the controls to hit the bad guys and leave the good guys unscathed.

And “the rain” comes.  Loud, exploding, repetitive “rain.”  Sand is kicked up around the good guys, buildings explode, and smoke rises to the sky.

And the good guys walk away unscathed.  “Bring the rain” is a request to surround the good guys with chaos, if that is what it takes to accomplish the mission.

“Bring the rain” is a call to those flying above to send all they’ve got.  The Army Infantry calls the Air Force and gives them the order:

“Bring the rain.”

Down comes the ammunition, bombs booming, and the overhead protection brings to bear all they have in the arsenal.

“There are friendlies mixed with bad guys.  Targets will be marked.”

Such is life.  In this walk of faith where we are in the world, but not part of it, we are mixed with bad guys.  And some around us grow more successful, more powerful.  While sometimes we feel forgotten.

But when we cry out, “Lord, bring the rain!” He will deliver–maybe not as we intend, or even as we expect–but He knows which ones are His and which ones are not.

Do you trust that God knows the difference?

Bringing the rain means enduring the potentially cataclysmic adventure that may very well be the way God handles your situation.

He will not let anything touch you over which He does not have control.  And He controls everything.

Fear not.  Make the call: “Bring the rain.”

photo by Robert Linder

2 thoughts on “Bring the Rain…

  1. Hey Jen
    I really enjoyed reading this posting.
    I appreciate the correlation between real life threats, and imagined threats. The very last part I especially loved…..”He will not let anything touch you over which He does not have control….and He controls everything.”
    THAT is the main thing we need to remember every day…when things are tough, or we feel sad, or threatened, confused or just plain unsure of how to proceed. I still have moments where I tend to stress about things in my human state….and I have to keep reminding myself it’s NOT my job to “worry” about things….I just have to give it to God!
    Thanks for the study. Love to you…..Julie O

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