originally posted March 29, 2011

The phrase rings over and over in my mind: is this the life you want to choose?

It is not an issue of the circumstances or the happenstances or whether your deepest longings are fulfilled.  It is a question about the choices I make.

Is this life, are these actions, the ones I want to build my life upon?  Will that bitter thought, the harsh word, build the life I truly desire?  Or will the pain of patience, the willing that comes with submitting to prayer–are those the things on which I want my life experiences to be based?

There are moments when I choose poorly.  But more and more I desire to live on purpose–to stop “letting” things happen that truly were not “lets,” they were my decisions.  Did I choose to ask more questions?  Or did I choose to roll my eyes and move on?

Did I choose to pray about it?  Or did I choose to just speak my mind without a thought of what it might mean eternally?

What are the choices I am making, and what is the life that those choices are building?

There will always be things, happenings, situations that just happen to us.  And though we can choose our reaction, we so often cannot choose whether that thing was going to happen in the first place.

This questions is not about those things–it is about you.  What choices are you making?  Because at the end of the day, we may not be responsible for the spam in our inbox, but we are responsible for what we did with it.  We may not be responsible for the actions of others, but we are responsible for our own.

Choose today.  Choose the good, solid, pure bricks of faith.  Choose your life.

photo by Gareth Weeks

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