originally posted on December 2, 2010

(what follows is from a message I wrote for a friend recently in all its unedited adventure)

These ebbs and flows of faith and anxiety are normal–remember those stones that God had the Israelites pile near the river after He walked them across on dry land?  “So that when your children ask, you can tell them…”  Take a moment and remember each of those stones, every river, every deliverance–He is here, just as He was there.

It is okay to be teary–God never tells us to put a mask on our fear; He instead tells us to tell Him about it.  Don’t feel bad because the fear is there; just boomerang it back to the One who can handle the burden.  “I’m rubber, you’re glue” is a perfectly acceptable approach to address the Accuser–he has no faith, you’ve already got him beat–beat him back with the sword of the Spirit, and then start chucking those stones of God’s faithfulness at him…he has no defense.

Remember, when you are weak, THEN He is strong.  You know you are overwhelmed–and as sucky as that is, it is a place of power, because you can scoot aside in your curled up fetal position and let Him take the hits, let Him put His shield out to defend you, and let Him take shots at the enemy.  Curled up and weepy is a perfectly good place from which to let Him do the fighting.

And as always, easier said than done.  Every tear is a moment for God to be stronger then you…it is okay to cry.

photo by Neema Doma

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