I am a tough sell when it comes to home decor.  I have a weakness for office supplies, organizational tools, and any cooking gadget.  But when it comes to home decor, I do not bend easily to much of anything.  I will wait months, and even years, to find just the right thing to fit my idea of what it is I want my home to look like.  And, to boot, I have a much higher degree of skepticism when it comes to religiously-themed items.

To say the least, I am particular.  That said, when I opened the box to this wall-hanging, I was at work.  Twenty minutes later, I went home for lunch, and before even putting down my bag, I was hanging this on my wall.

I knew the exact place for it–near the front door, over my shoes.

I knew what I wanted there–a reminder of how I should be thinking throughout the day.

I knew what I wanted it to look like–stark against the white walls, complementary to my I-didn’t-choose-it blue kitchen, but classic with a touch of casual elegance to fit with my decorating approach.

This UrbanSoul wall-hanging fit every single one of those categories.  It’s charcoal color is not a solid charcoal, but a subtle mix of blacks and greys to give it an overall “feel” of dark charcoal.  The creatively used font allows for a bit of interest without being too fussy.  And the charcoal and white color scheme fit perfectly to pull in the colors from my living room to seem seamless through my kitchen and out the front door.

It took me 6 months to begin hanging pictures in my current home.  It took me five minutes to hang this one.  For me, that is a raging success!

To honor that success, I am giving away one $20 gift certificate to DaySpring.com.  To enter, simply answer the following question in the comments (or just write anything, really):

What is your favorite place in your home and why?

One entry per person.  Comments will close Thursday at 4PM (PST).  Winner will be randomly selected and announced on Thursday evening.  Please note–your comment may not show up right away.

(This product was provided by DaySpring.  All opinions and words are my own.)

2 thoughts on “Enjoying UrbanSoul Wall Art–Review & Giveaway

  1. The KITCHEN! Without a doubt my kitchen is my most favorite place in my home. It is there we gain nourishment for our bodies as well as our souls. Every celebration, every success, every job well-done contrasted with feelings of sorrow, defeat, longing, and a place just to sit and reflect, can be brought to the table here. I bake love, forgiveness, and a bit of happiness in every pan. The table provides the perfect spot for the kids to have their Bible study each morning after the breakfast dishes are cleared. I sit there and pray over my children, those in our home and those who might join us someday through the foster care system. Yep, right next to my vintage Starbucks menu on the wall would be a wonderful reminder each morning that we can tackle anything that comes our way!

  2. The bedroom is my favorite place in the house. I love to be cuddled up in my bed with my Bible. It’s a place of rejuvination and security.

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