Using the good ol’ pulling a name out of a hat trick, congratulations to Jen whose favorite place was:

The KITCHEN! Without a doubt my kitchen is my most favorite place in my home. It is there we gain nourishment for our bodies as well as our souls. Every celebration, every success, every job well-done contrasted with feelings of sorrow, defeat, longing, and a place just to sit and reflect, can be brought to the table here. I bake love, forgiveness, and a bit of happiness in every pan. The table provides the perfect spot for the kids to have their Bible study each morning after the breakfast dishes are cleared. I sit there and pray over my children, those in our home and those who might join us someday through the foster care system. Yep, right next to my vintage Starbucks menu on the wall would be a wonderful reminder each morning that we can tackle anything that comes our way!

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