originally posted October 9, 2010

I almost-blindly walked past it several times.  On my way to my own chair in the neighborhood coffee shop, it occurred to me that they had brought in another large table, making the mental note to look for it next time when it was unoccupied.

Only when I sat down did I realize I was completely wrong.  It wasn’t a new, large table.  The man at the table had built one where there was not one before.  He took two square cafe tables and put them together to make what he needed to get the job done.

And I had to laugh.  Yet again, I had limited my understanding to the things before me rather than the potentials beyond me.

I had limited what could be to what I could see with my human eye.

Such it is in cafe.
Such it is in life.

So many times I have limited my understanding to only my understanding.
Frustrated that life doesn’t always happen in the way I want, I forget to submit to the One who knows better.

Maybe one day my reaction to act will be trumped by wisdom to pray, thereby making the eventual action far better than it could have been before.

Maybe that day needs to be today.

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