originally posted January 1, 2010

It’s a new year.  Another opportunity to wax poetic about all the things I’ll do differently…which, in my world, typically means revising the to-do list, making more commitments, and sighing deeply, wondering how on earth I’ll ever get it all done.

Not this year.  No more to-do lists.  Will there be things to be done?  Of course.  Will I berate myself with list after list of the lists of things I will do?  No.

Setting aside the to-do lists, I am committed instead to invest in only two things: health and community.

Is “health” vague?  Yep–and purposely so.  Focusing on health one day may mean taking a nap.  The next day may mean working out.  And the day after that may mean enjoying the dessert without thinking of the calories.  I could mean taking a walk, playing piano, or cleaning out the spare room.  Committing to health in general allows me to work in a purposeful direction (which is something I need) while giving me the freedom to break from the to-do list (which burdens me more than releases me).

At the end of the year, if I am healthier–physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally–if I have less stress because I imposed less stress on myself, then I will have fulfilled my resolution.

The second focus of community is less about doing and more about being present.  Setting aside the to-do list and enjoying more cups of coffee with friends, more lunches after church, more laughter and relaxation.

The to-do list will always be there; health and community will not.  So instead of adding one more thing to my list, I commit instead to stepping back, engaging in life differently, and taking a broader perspective of my everyday.

“She girds herself with strength and strengthens her arms…Strength and honor are her clothing; she will rejoice in time to come.” –Proverbs 31:17, 25

photo by Phil Ragen

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