I see an update from a friend that brings a sigh, a smile, and a realization that their comment was the perfect description for the desire of my life.

“Back to normal…Simple man.  Simple pleasures.”  –Michael Smith

So often I have found myself pushing for a simple experience.  Recently, I have realized that pursuing simple is less about cramming everything into smaller periods of time to allow for simple.  It is the purging of life that accomplishes simple.

I dreaded cleaning out my closet, paring down the wardrobe–because I wasn’t wearing a good portion of it anyway.  But when I finally did the deed, I found freedom in the simplicity of my options.  Rather than digging through hanger after hanger of something I had no intention of wearing, I find it easier to choose as the choices are now limited to those things I truly appreciate.

Such is life.  Rather than cramming more in so that free time can be simple, I find that I say no to more so that I can say yes to simple.  Taking life as it comes, choosing in the moment what the priority is, and honoring that priority–it really does simplify life.

And I find more and more that others are seeking the same thing–the ability to say “no” and focus more on the “yes” priorities.

A simple life.  Just the thought brings a contented sigh.

photo by Billy Alexander

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