originally posted October 27, 2010

“Simplify, simplify, simplify.” –Thoreau

“I consider all things rubbish..for the sake of knowing Christ.” –Apostle Paul (paraphrased)

“I just want things to work.” –M.Smith

“Love God.  Love others.” –Jesus (heavily paraphrased)

What do I mean when I say simplify?  Ultimate peace.  The threshold by which all things are measured in my life will be: will this bring me ultimate peace?

Why “ultimate” peace?  Because sometimes finding that peace takes work, takes heartache, takes change–so though the process may seem less than peaceful, it does lead to peace.

Will “social networking”?  Not as I currently use it.
Will forcing my dream?  No!

Every friendship, every investment of time now falls under this intense scrutiny.

Instead of investing in the world, I choose instead to invest in my self, my God, my family, my friends, my life.  Yes, I did put my self first–why?  Well, put aside your Christian horror a moment.  Like it or not, a relationship with God is inherently selfish.  “We love because He first loved us.”

He makes life make sense–even when it doesn’t.
He promises peace that surpasses understanding–amid the storm.
He promises life abundant–more than we ask or think.

He asks, commands actually, that I seek Him.  In order to do that I must prioritize time for my self, so I can seek Him.

“Putting Him first” as the Christian church touts is just another way of denying my own value.  Again, hang with me here a second.  Denying my own value flies in the face of His love for me, His sacrifice for me.

He says I have value.  I have to believe that.  For if I don’t, I will continue to ignore my self.

Don’t talk to me of humility and submission.  For it takes humility to admit I cannot carry everyone’s burdens.  And it takes submission to say, “God, You’re right.  I have to say no to everyone else until I first say yes to my self.”

Because only when I put the same value on myself as God puts on me, will I begin to understand His love, His call, and His vision for the world.

Only when I admit that who I am is enough for God will I be able to see that who others are is simply who they are.  And just as God can change my heart on a dime, He can do the same for others.

Only when I accept my own value to God will I be able to communicate that same message to those He puts in my life.

The God Who proclaims: “I will never leave you or forsake you” and “see, I have written your name on My hand” does not ask us to forget ourselves.  He asks, instead, that we remember who we are in Him.

And in doing that, we become ever more aware of how He sees others.

And we become less in our own minds, because we know we are loved in His.

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