originally posted March 15, 2011

It was one of those “out of nowhere” thoughts.  I hadn’t checked one of my email accounts in almost a week.  It was a new email address, not many know about it, but it is where comments from this blog go.  So I thought, “Why not just check?”

Well, there wasn’t a comment there…there was so much more.  I submitted a blog post to a website, and there, in that rarely used email account, was an acceptance letter.  Dated…five days prior.

Oops, but SURPRISE!

It was a perfect situation.  Just that morning, my pastor had spoken about living a purposed life.  And throughout that day, I continued implementing a plan that had started weeks earlier…one to put my life in order, that it might be abundant.

And there was the acceptance letter.

Oddly enough, it was a post about bruises, about imperfections, and about how God sees beauty in failed attempts…because a failed attempt is an attempt.

So life with purpose and you may not know when the next surprise might come to you.

photo by Michaela Kobyakov

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