originally posted December 4, 2010

Let me explain what little I know about the retina.  Light (which I cannot possibly explain) reflects off of different things (which I did not, could not create) to produce color in all shades and textures (in ways that don’t make sense to me)–the “image” of that thing the light reflects off of is inverted within our eyeball and then our brain rights it.

Read that again.  I think of that and furrow my brow–what on earth?  Why the upside-down part?  How the image?  What’s with the goo in the middle of the eye?  And why, oh why, is that little, tiny retina built of different stuff than the rest of the back of the eye?  And why does our brain know which way is truly up?  And how, exactly, is it that when there is disturbance in the retina, the brain, after a while, just ignores it as if it isn’t there.   Seriously.

As a woman with a retina issue that can be seen by my doc, my brain no longer notices it.  The brain was actively involved in freaking out when spots were appearing in my vision, when I was losing letters in words as I read, and when the computer screen was seeming to ever-so-slightly flicker, but only for one eye.  It’s what sent me to the doc.  But now, over a year later, the brain just ignores it all so that my vision is “normal.”  The thing is still on the retina–the doc still looks at it every so often to make sure it doesn’t change–but my brain no longer sweats it.

What on earth?!?

So what does this have to do with creation?  A lot.  How would you have designed the eye?  Don’t know?  Exactly my point.  God is bigger than you.  He is bigger than me.  Let’s face it–He understands light and I can’t possibly begin to imagine.

And in very simplistic terms, that alone baffles me enough to recognize that God is bigger than me.  He created me.  And I just don’t get it.

This, my friends, is the beginning of faith–getting that we just don’t get it.  Knowing that we don’t know.  And seeking the One who created it, marveling in His process, appreciating the purpose, and recognizing His hand as He re-creates our lives every day.

photo by Jennifer Cook

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