originally posted November 8, 2010

It is an ugly truth.  As Christians we are *supposed* to seek Him.
We are *supposed* to want to hear His voice.
We are *supposed* to desire His wisdom.

But what happens when we don’t want it?When we look more like a three-year-old with our fingers in our ears, singing “La-la-la! I can’t hear You”?  It may be an ugly truth, but it is a truth.

There are times I do not want God’s wisdom.

I am not proud of that.

But it is the truth.  I know that I should feel differently.  I know that my life will go better if I seek Him.

And I also know He would rather me honestly proclaim that I don’t want to hear what He has to say.

The shocking part of it is, He seems to simply chuckle.  Like a father watching his la-la-la-ing three-year-old, God knows this too shall pass.

And He knows that when I honestly proclaim such things to Him, I am much closer to His wisdom than if I pretended otherwise.

When I pretend, it takes a whole lot longer to come around to His way of thinking.  When I am honest with Him, we explore the “why” and move beyond it.  Then there is room for His wisdom, welcomed because the obstacle in the way has been addressed and moved aside.

Honestly proclaim how you are really feeling and you will be surprised how quickly you can move forward.  Ignore it, and you choose instead to be stuck in neutral.

You decide.

photo by Cheryl Empey

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