originally posted November 3, 2010

Three little words haunt me…in a good way.  My last post mentioned my need for a goal, a purpose, a driving force.

My to-do list, every weekday, carries three words:

“Write something today.”

There are many other words on the list, many bulletpoints waiting to be completed.  But those three words appear like a mirage in the desert.

“Write something today.”

As I contemplate going to bed early tonight, to rest my aching back and enjoy a good novel, those three words appear in my consciousness.

“Write something today.”

It is a small goal, purposely without parameters.  For what I write need not be profound, or spiritual, or even worth sharing.  For I knew if I put such parameters, I would stop writing.  So the missive is simple:

“Write something today.”

Some days it is goal-oriented.
Some days it is journaling.
Some days it is doodling on a page, drawing miscellaneous words and re-tracking them as I contemplate their meaning.

The goal is simple:

“Write something today.”

For in writing, whatever it is, I am fulfilling God’s call on my life.  And in doing that very thing, stress releases, tightness eases, perspective re-focuses, and joy starts eeking out.

Not because I wrote, but because I fulfilled God’s call on my heart and soul.  He doesn’t mind if it is profound or funny or angry or hurting.  He just wants me to write something, anything.  For in doing so, I take a step closer to Him as we walk alongside each other through this life of mine.

What is your calling?
What is your purpose?
What has He called you to in this life?

Whatever it is, do it.

No parameters, no expectations, no stipulations.  Freely abandon yourself to fill that thing God keeps haunting you with.  He knows what He’s doing.

And if you follow, the peace will surpass anything you could ever begin to understand.

For me it is this:

“Write something today.”

What’s yours?

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