I play word games.  I have the ultimate word puzzle book.  And I hold a specific focus on nice handwriting.

Some of the boxes in my word puzzles are big, some are small.  And yet I find myself trying to fill the entire box with each letter, every time.

Yet, in the bigger boxes the letters get distorted.  Not used to stretching in that way, my handwriting sometimes skews sideways or gets awkward.

It occurred to me that I try to do this in life as well.  God embedded in me the gifting of being a resource.  Yet not every box can be filled with me.  I can be a resource, but when the need is greater than my specific calling for that situation, I have still tried to fill it–with much the same result of my stretched-out, awkward letters.

God did not design me to fill every space.  He gave me many gifts, but not all were meant to be used in every situation, all the time.

And, not every situation where I could fill the space is for me to fill.  I know this to be true, yet I battle the urge to try and be everything to everyone.

The truth is, the only entity who fills every space into which He enters is the Holy Spirit.  Though Christ incarnate met many needs, He did not meet them all–for that was not His specific calling at that specific time.

The Holy Spirit fills the gaps, every gap.

It is as if each situation in my life has a jennifer-shaped spot.  Not a jennifer-created spot, but a spot God has carved out for just me to fill–else I would not be in that situation.  Sometimes it is an action to perform.  Sometimes it is intentional inaction.  I need not worry about the other needs, for the Spirit will fill the gaps.

He is the great comforter, He knows the needs and He will take care of them.  I must only fulfill the specific purpose for me.  Jesus said, “You will have power when the Holy Spirit comes.”

The power comes with Him.  If I try to fill the entire space, there is no room left for Him to come.  It becomes of my own power, which cannot satisfy.  How arrogant of me to believe that I could do what only the Holy Spirit can.  Trusting Him to fill His role in each situation frees me to fill only my role in each situation.

The rest is up to Him.  This…this is living in the Spirit.

photo by Andrejs Pidjass

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