What I didn’t know in April, when I signed up to do a product review, and the Spirit pushed me to click the “host a giveaway” box, was that the decision to obey the urging would be used powerfully.

What I didn’t know when I read my friend’s blog post, was that ten minutes later I would be ordering her flowers.

What I didn’t know is that, when those flowers came, a FedEx delivery man would pretend to be “driving a different truck” to play along with a little girl’s idea that deliveries came in brown trucks.

What I didn’t know when I ordered those flowers, is that a little girl with a rough life would run in and out of the room to look at them over and over again.  I sent them to my friend–I had no idea they would please her foster daughter so.

What I didn’t know when I hosted a giveaway, was how it would impact that same little girl.

What I didn’t know when I prayed over the names in the hat, asking God to give the prize to someone who needed it, was that my friend’s name would be the one drawn.

What I didn’t know when I announced the winner, is that my friend never wins prizes.

What I didn’t know, was that the thing she ordered, would be read over and over to that little girl who really needed assurance about her God.

What I didn’t know was that those words of assurance would become important as a judge made a decision that impacts those little children’s lives.

All I did was follow the urging to host a giveaway.  All I did was order flowers.

Amazing what God does with all that I didn’t know.


flower photo by jennifer claassen

wall hanging photo from dayspring.com

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