The past couple of weeks have been…interesting.  If you follow my Twitter, you already know that last week I stumbled into a writer’s discussion in a series of events through could have only been God-ordained.  Prior to that, I desired to improve my writing and was looking for resources and opportunities to do that.  The discussion forum gave me all sorts of resources related to blogging and other “buzz words” related to authors.  It offered a rabbit hole that I was not sure I wanted to take.

Leaving the thoughts to roll around in my head, and after a discussion with a friend at Bible study, it has become more clear.  God did not call me to be a blogger.  He called me to be a Bible study writer.  The blog is great, and I will continue to use it for random thoughts and reflections.  But my focus must shift to that for which I am truly called.

I will continue to blog, though it may not be as regularly structured as it has been of late.  I will continue to share my heart, my thoughts, and my random ramblings.  And my focused writing will center around Bible studies.

If you are interested in studies that are already written, check out the Bible study store on my website.  Soon there will be online ordering capabilities.  In the meantime, feel free to contact me about any studies you may be interested in purchasing for yourself or small group.


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