This article originally published in the September 2008 issue of groundswell.

My quest to have read the entire Bible continues.  I must admit that Chronicles nearly derailed my plan.  Chapter after chapter of lists of sons, and sometimes daughters, run for pages and pages.  Every once in a while a few verses tell a story, then right back to lineages.

I repeat again and again that this proves God’s intimate knowledge of our lives and our histories.  He knows our names and our families.  And such things are important to Him–so important that when determining what message He wants to leave for His children, He included chapter upon chapter of lineages.

Then came chapter eleven.  My bookmark camps in chapter eleven still–after more than a week here.  Two verses stopped me.  Two verses describe my life, teach me every day, and still, after days of reading and re-reading them, I cannot move past them.  God still speaks to me daily through them, not in an esoteric or theoretical way.  He uses each day’s experiences and shows me how these two verses apply in new and different ways.

I feel the importance of taking this time.  I fell God focusing my vision and carving away those perspectives which only serve to distract.  he uses these two verses to refine me, to hone me, and the build the rest of my life based upon the truth of them.  I will not share with you why they have impacted me, or what life experiences they have addressed.  I could share the verses and explain their impact, but I won’t.  Rich and amazing lessons pervade those two verses for me.  But they are lessons for me.

I often share those lessons with you, and I cherish that opportunity.  But God has different lessons for you that have nothing to do with the precious verses He has shown me.

God has rewarded my perseverance through chapter upon chapter of information I would never remember.  He stopped me firmly with two verses that would normally go overlooked.  Though the lessons from these two verses remain fully un-mined, the greater lesson arches over this experience like the rainbow of promise after the flood.

My commitment to recognizing the value of every single one of God’s words brought rewards.  When my attention faltered, I re-read.  Though I cannot tell you who begat whom, I can tell you that God saw it, recorded it, and passed it on.  That commitment tilled the soil of my heart.  I dedicated my attention to tracking the long lists of lineages.  Had He not cultivated the dedicated attention, I would have passed by the two verses which prove invaluable throughout my recent days.

I cannot honestly say that I look forward to the coming chapters of more and more lists of people.  I do know that God is always working.  Every word is true.  Every word is valuable.  What I need today can be found in two verses.  What I need tomorrow may very well be revealed in a list of begetting.

I trust the God of the universe who compels my heart in my quest to read every word.  I believe every Word is profitable.  And I believe that He moves in unexpected ways.

Where is He leading you?  What is He asking of you?  His call on your heart may very well seem mundane.  Do not rob yourself of the riches He holds for you simply because the path seems, well, boring.  Do not mistake seemingly boring with unproductive.  He loves you more than you can imagine.  Follow Him.  he will unearth nuggets for you.

photo by Dave Dyet

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