It was time.

Actually, it was long past time.

God asked me to do this two months prior, and I had stalled.  I flashed back to my own words on opening night of the ministry I helped to create at my church.  Nine months later, all my advice, leading, training, teaching–God had been preparing me for that moment.  Though I did not yet realize it.

Conversations with one of my leadership team members centered on how sometimes the most faithful thing you can do is say, “No.”

The night that I share with my ministry team that I am stepping down, the one in whom I had confided smiled, recognizing how God used my advice to him and brought it back to me.

There was stunned silence that night.  It was the silence of knowing–knowing this was God’s will.  We did not know how things would look, and the team did not really know what to say.

Then the silence broke, “okay, this stinks, and I know God will do amazing things.”  The unabashed exclamation of the oxymoronic pull we felt–the pull the want me to stay against the pull of knowing I needed to leave–the exclamation opened the floodgates.  Floodgates of gratitude, sadness, and prayer.

We all hugged.  My ministry partner, who knew the announcement was coming, talked about what the future might look like.  And we disbanded the meeting.

Leaving, though hard, relieved the burden.  My feet-dragging was over.  What I had feared had not come to pass.  I had feared they wouldn’t understand.  I had feared scorn for “abandoning” the ministry I helped to create.

But God was bigger than my fears.  And He is bigger than what He ever asks us to do.

So whatever He is asking–go for it.  Do it.  Disobedient delay will gain you nothing.  He is saying to go, to do that thing.  It is time.


photo by Shirley Booth

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