Hear that?  That ringing?  No, it’s not in your ears.  It’s God calling.  He has something special set aside…just for you.

He has equipped you with giftings, with passions, and with focus around particular projects that make time fly.  The work passes quickly because it is so easy to focus.

Are you answering?

I find myself coming out of the desert.  I wandered for a while.  I looked at the scenery.  The call had already come, but my choice was to delay.

The delay is over.  Confidence has return–or rather, confidence in the Right Source has been restored.  And work flew by today.

  • A writing plan to complete writing of a new Bible study by January 23rd for a Women of Faith writing contest.
  • Organizing years of notes, ideas, and drafts of writing sorted for easy use.
  • Organizing of sermon notes, teachings, and sources which that expand my understandings.
  • Organizing blog ideas for more consistent posts–and don’t we all know how inconsistent I can be with these!

It was a productive day in the writing realm–this realm God has gifted and welcomed me.  And my passion is stirred anew to immerse my heart and mind in the process of learning more of Him–and sharing that with you.

Will you join me in the calling?  Your calling will be different than mine.  But maybe not.  Whatever it is, I need to you to answer the call–as members of the body of Christ, I need you to do your God-given thing.  I, too, need to do my God-given thing.

Will you join me in prayer?  Praying as I write, praying for your calling as well.

Let’s pray together, be united together, and answer the call together.

What is God calling you to right now?


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