This article originally published in the June 2009 issue of groundswell.

As I drove home tonight, I kept running yellow lights.  The lights in town are timed so that if you are traveling the speed limit, you can hit all the greens.  My timing was off just enough that I was hitting yellows, and it began to stress me out.  Wondering if it would turn red, wondering if someone was jumping the gun the other way, the sudden push of the accelerator to get through the intersection quickly.

And then I stopped.  I slowed down when I saw the yellow.  Though it meant a couple of red lights, it also meant no wondering about the cross-traffic, no extra jolt on the accelerator, no extra thoughts on the matter.

And I wondered about life.  So often, there are yellows on the road of faith.  Yes, we can cross through them, but they may not be the right time.  Or they may be just in time.  Whatever the case my be, living a life of running yellows seems a lot more stress than is really necessary.

Though God will often ask us to go when we are unsure of what lies beyond, I wonder if sometimes He gives us a yellow to get us to slow down just a hair, for just a moment.

“Red on the top and green below/ Red means stop and green means go/ Yellow means wait, even if you’re late!”  –unknown

What if the kindergarten song is right.  What if, instead of blowing the yellow lights every time–what if we waited?

What if I waited until the path as completely clear, the light was fully green, and the way was laid out plain as day?

Maybe, just maybe, I would stop stressing about what to do.  Maybe I would relax a little and instead would leisurely proceed in the way I should go.

photo by Margan Zajdowicz

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