On days I spend writing, usually with a posture of eyes closed, focusing while intentionally not focusing, letting the words flow.  Allowing the scriptures to bubble up in my heart, allowing the Spirit to move and mold and shape.

And the background noise at this time is the dishwasher.  the water flowing, the occasional increase in water pressure, getting the grim and food particles off the plates so they can be used again.

And it strikes me.
It struck so hard and fast, I stopped writing the other thing to write this.

God’s work in my life is like the dishwasher.
Flowing water, heated (oh, those trials in life), spraying the cleanser of the His Word over the crevices of my heart.

All so I can go out again, clean, to serve again.

A dirty plate can still serve, but it can also spread disease, discomfort, and alter the taste of the next food on the plate.

Only a clean plate can present the food in the cook’s intended form.

And I get dirty again, just as the plate gets dirty every time it serves.

But the more I allow the heated, cleanser-filled water of the Spirit to wash over us time and time (and time) again, the less I will taint the service God has given for me to do.

Stopping long enough to be cleansed can be hard.  But just as the dish that sits and gets harder to clean as time passes, my heart and mind gets harder to clean the longer I wait.

The continual cleanse of the Father is one that I encourage you to seek.  Each of us individually seeking the cleansing, we can then come together in more powerful service, as the purity of the gospel message can be presented against the background of His people–the people He made holy.

“but as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, because it is written, ‘Be holy, for I am holy.'” –I Peter 1:15-16

Being holy requires continual cleansing of our sinful hearts.  Not salvation-level cleansing, but as Jesus Himself described it:

“He who is bathed needs only to wash his feet, but is completely clean…” –John 13:10

Seek continual washing.  Let the Ultimate Dishwasher cleanse His serving vessals that we may serve Him without blemish or taint.



Photo by Colin Brough

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