“How am I ‘supposed’ to feel about this?”

We receive message all the time about how we “should” feel.  Everything from food choices to charities–everything is up for being told how we should feel.  We are told we should passionately get behind every product, every situation, every political stance.

We are bombarded with the opinions of others telling us how we should feel.

We should feel happy, sad, excited, scared, nervous about….everything.  From holiday gatherings to situations related to work.  Every situation is open for interpretation and advice–unwanted or otherwise.

In walks manufactured emotion.  While driving to a holiday gathering, it occurred to me that some of the internal pressure I experienced when just alone in the car was a product of manufactured emotion.  I had fallen prey to the notion that I “should” be feeling a certain way about different areas of my life.  That realization alone released so much pressure.

I appreciate David and the Psalms.  David was clear in his emotions–good, bad or ugly–David was transparent with God.  He didn’t try to hide his emotions from God.  He didn’t talk himself into feeling a certain way.  He poured out his heart to his Lord–and he was called a man after God’s own heart.

Take some time today, right now even, and see where you may be functioning under the feelings and emotions others have convinced you to have.  Strip it all away, come to the Father with just your own self, and receive a peace that passes all understanding.


Photo by Rose Ann

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