Sometimes it takes a horsepill.  You know the ones, they are too large, a little scary, and always, always chalky.  They go down rough, like you can feel every contraction of the esophagus to get that thing down.

There is a horsepill sitting next to me, waiting to be taken.  Or much more appropriately, my body is waiting for it to be taken.  I know it will help the cold I fight–and the first dose earlier today proved it.  But the sore throat that has since developed makes the horsepill that much harder to swallow.

“Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him…” –Job 13:15a

The life of faith is hard.  There are days when the task before us, the call to obedience is simply a pill–a sizable, impending, intimidating pill.

But healing is on the other side of swallowing that pill.

Healing is on the other side of that which is hard to swallow.


Photo by unknown

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