This article originally published in the May 2009 issue of groundswell.

I mounted my one-way mirror backwards.

You know one-way mirrors.  Watch any crime show and you will see detectives on one side watching as a suspect is interrogated or a witness picks someone out of a line-up while those in the line-up see only their own reflection.

Somehow, some way, my one-way mirror is backwards.God handed me the mirror.  I needed to see a personality aspect in myself–changes needed to be made.  And I needed to see it in all its ugly reality.

The mirror highlights a particular motivation.  But when the mirror is mounted backwards, that motivation only becomes apparent in others.  When backwards, the mirror fails to reflect that trait in myself.

So I watch the world through a lens meant only for self-reflection.

A poorly installed one-way mirrors only show the world our judgment upon them.  The infamous “they” say our sin looks horrendous in other people.  “They” are right.  We’ve mounted our one-way mirror backwards.

Is it fear?  Are we afraid if the mirror reflects correctly, that we will be exposed?

Is it pride? Convinced that trait couldn’t possible be present in me.

We must shatter the notion that others cannot see our sin.  They can.

The one-way mirror, when installed properly, reveals the holiness of God and the beauty of Christ.

Standing face-to-face with the reflection of my sin requires me to do something about it.  I hate the ugliness of it.  So to look at something different, I have to be someone different.  The holiness of God demands it.

The beauty of this one-way mirror is that others see our lives in light of this sin, but not as you think.

They see transformation.  They watch–as pride becomes humility; harshness becomes gentle; selfishness transforms into service.  The beauty of a life in Christ plays out as others watch us transform.

And as others watch a life of transform, they yearn for transformation themselves.

Jesus is your one-way mirror.  Turn Him to the world and your life will not change.  Face HIm yourself and amazing things happen.

photo by Raven3k

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