This article originally published in the June 2009 issue of groundswell.

I love to drive.  I enjoy the feeling of freedom to hop in the car and go.  And I enjoy the scenery along the way.  This last thing proves important as I often end up on the unintentional “scenic route.”

I experience the driving world with very, very little sense of direction.  I accept this.  I have even learned to enjoy it.  I’ve become comfortable with my general state of wandering when I climb in my car.

As our gaggle of friends venture to new locations, I happily climb behind the wheel and take my place in the caravan following others who are much less likely to end up on the scenic route along the way.

I enjoy being behind someone else!  They have to worry about what turn to take, what the last road sign said, and question how many miles it has been since the last turn.  Me?  I’m sight-seeing at that point.  All the stress of navigation on the shoulders of those who are far more adept at such things.  If we make a wrong turn, at least we’re lost together.  It’s quite an enjoyable arrangement.  And all my friends know it.  Even in town, when I am fairly certain I know where to go as we venture to a new place, someone trying to give my blank-even-though-I’m-really-trying-to-understand expression invariably says, “You know, just follow me.”  I smile and climb in my car, waiting for them to pull out so I can take my place behind.

Our group recently traveled to a new town–I drove, but was at the end of the caravan.  About half-way there, my cell phone chimes with a text message–“are you guys dancing?”  The answer was no, but with the relaxed state of my following location, I was thoroughly enjoying conversational adventures with my passengers.  Because I trusted those in front of me to get us there, and because I accepted my follower state, I could relax and enjoy the adventure of travel.

Why don’t I do this with Jesus?  Just like lunch with a friend where each of us exclaimed, “why didn’t we just trust Him?  It would have been so much less stressful!”  I have about as much internal directional understanding about this life as I do about north, south, east, and west.

And just as I enjoy driving even when I don’t know where I’m going, Jesus has given me a car.  And all He asks is that I follow His lead.  When I lead the way, I am stressed about which turn and whether we’ll get there on time.  If I would follow Him, I could enjoy the drive.

photo by Craig Goodwin

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