I went a little overboard at the grocery store this week.  It wasn’t the chip aisle, or the super-pack of meat, or even the surely-I-can-absolutely-use-four-pounds-of-grapes inspiration.

It was the flowers.

I do not often buy them, but I circled and circled the circle of flowers, thinking and picking and choosing.  The woman working that section just watched me.  Three full laps pushing a cart that only held bread and chips.

Out of nowhere, I wanted flowers in my home.  Multiple colors, multiple kinds, and as usual with me, multiple meanings and sentimental memories.

Deep violet tulips–because they look great,and they remind me of the large bouquet of the same I sent my mom several years ago.  The bouquet she carried with her if she changed rooms for a significant amount of time. The color deep and rich, the blooms just perfect.  Beautiful in the simplicity of violet and green in a clear vase of sparkling water.

Pure white roses–the perfect subdued rose smell, proclaiming the purity.  Purity of grace.  Purity in friendships.  Purity in holiness only available through the cross of Christ.

Yellow buttercups and pink bunch roses rounded out the colorful display.

The woman at the store told me, “Those just came in today.”  Firm buds bloomed within a couple of days.

Spring is coming.  Not only the spring of nature, but the springtime of the soul.

Easter is coming–a proclamation of victory, triumph, eternity.  The mercy of God colliding with the grace of God to bring His people home.

If you feel a tug in your heart, it may just be the covers of the bud unfurling to reveal an incredible blossom underneath.  Stretch, soak up the water, and lean toward the sun.

Growth comes when we allow ourselves to blossom.



Photo by Lea Csontos

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