The opportunity arose to review a book from Revell Publishing that I could not pass up.  Working long hours, trying to keep writing, and keep up with other commitments weighed me down like a set of free weights tied to my human bumper.  The title caught my attention–then the table of contents sold it.  Take a look at a few of these chapter titles!

  • Who Am I, Really?
  • Where Am I Going?
  • Is It Okay to Take Care of Myself?
  • What God Really Wants Your Heart to Remember

Author Holley Gerth is my new best friend–okay, not really, seeing as I have never met her–but you will feel like it after just one encounter with her writing.  The friendliness of girlfriend-coffee-shop-chat, the depth of a counselor, and the compassion of a woman walking the very same steps.  This book breathes fresh air into the world where we feel like we just cannot keep up, cannot love enough, and wish there were more hours in the day.

From the introduction (check out the teaser post here), to the very end, You’re Already Amazing captivates the heart, bringing light to eyes dimmed by the burdens of to-do lists and desires to help.

And you know one more beautiful thing about the book?  The chapters are broken down into one- and two-page sections. No guilt for only having three minutes at a time to read!  Talk about a compassionate author!  The writing and editing so brilliant, even a one-page section can change your whole way of seeing the world.

I rarely mince words.  And I rarely gush this openly and freely over a work (because I would hate to do so and you be disappointed–something this book is helping me overcome).

Read this book.  Do not worry if the burdens of life are such that it takes you a year–after I read the one-page introduction, it took me a week to let it all sink in so I could really engage in the rest of it.  It is a personable read that can be consumed quickly or savored slowly–regardless the speed, the impact will be amazing.

Because you truly are already amazing.


Book provided by the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions my own.

Photo by Revell

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