If my left foot could speak, it would say, “Sometimes you never know there is a hole in your shoe until you walk in the rain.  Now get me some dry socks.”

I despise wet socks.  Gooshy, icky, wet socks.  And one day, walking to work, I learned the hard way my shoe had a hole in the sole.  It apparently was not big enough to discover any other way except with the teeny-tiny molecules of water eeking their way between the crevices, leaving me with one wet sock.

You know what is worse than wet socks?  Only one wet sock.  Unbalanced, only half-gooshy, I went through the morning internally bemoaning my left foot, waiting until lunchtime when I could go home and change both socks and shoes.

Sometimes you never know there is a hole in your sole until you walk in the rain.

Sometimes, we never know there is a hole in our character until we go through a trial or are faced with a temptation.  The thing that never occurred to you to be a problem suddenly leaves you off-balanced, like walking around with one wet foot.

And though the lesson was one of my least favorites, learning of the hole in my shoe allowed me to get different shoes–to seal up the crack in the fortress and keep my feet healthy.

Such is the case with our spiritual soul as well.  Though the rains of daily life may be less than ideal, leaving us feeling uncomfortably squishy, it gives opportunity to buttress the fortress, seal the crack, and protect our very hearts.  Left unattended, the hole becomes bigger.  But if we heed the warning shot of the spiritual soggy foot, we will find that the squishiness is temporary, for we will have done the work needed to plug the hole, fill the gap, and keep moving forward.

Whatever the hole that has left your soul soggy, rather than curse the rain, seal the gap.



Photo by Shannon Pifko

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