A house is never cleaner than when guests are coming over.  Just last week, I texted my guests to let them know the house may not be clean, but the couch is comfy.

We were gathering for Bible study, and comfy clothes were the dress code.  After each of us working all day in our respective fields, relaxing together was of higher priority than, say, vacuuming the floor.  (Of course, horror, one of my friends opted to sit on the floor and lean against the couch–guess who will be vacuuming before next week’s session!).

I desire a sparkling clean home.  I could do it–if I set aside everything else.  But that spring cleaning weekend doesn’t seem to come around.  And, well, it doesn’t break my heart.

And just as my friends desired fellowship over a perfect floor, Jesus desires the same.  He doesn’t mind the clutter, the mail that hasn’t been sorted, or the few dishes that are in the sink.  He just wants to hang out with us.

He just wants to hang out with you.

And, as is common, the more you hang out with a person, the more you become a little bit more like them.

He knows this.  So He just wants to hang out.

So kick off your shoes, set aside the dusting and spend some time hanging out with the One who loves you more than you will ever understand.



Photo by Nagy Zoltán Csongor


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