As I sit and write,
the clock ticks by.
The hour grows later, and I find myself turning the music down another notch, and then another notch, and then…well, you get the point.

As the world around me grows quieter,
the traffic outside retires to their parking spaces for the night,
and those who would normally be walking by have all made it home.

Just me and the clickety-clacking of my train of thought—or the keyboard.  One and the same it seems.

And it occurs to me,
that “quiet times” as we call them
are not so much about checking off a reading list
as they are
about forcing the world around us
to grow quieter,
that God might not have to shout so loud
to get our attention.

As the music fades away, His whisper,
ever so gentle tells me,
“you are Mine.  remember that.”

Amazing what you hear when the world gets quieter still.



Photo by Bethany Carlson

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