In Exodus 30, God lays the framework for the altar. As we are His altar, His temple, He has a specific framework for us. He longs to see us set apart, burnished, shining, cleansed, that we might be prepared to do His will. He loves us. He wouldn’t be so exact if He didn’t have a plan.

In verses 7-8 of that same chapter, God specifies exactly the role that Aaron was to play in the burning of incense.

God has a role for me too. He has a plan, and a purpose, and a calling. For me to seek that out, for anything less makes my life less, and His glory clinks off me rather than glowing brightly as He designed.

When I am safe in the calling of His will, I will not need to worry about His glory, His shine, or whether others can see Him in me. Just like the pregnant woman glows without doing anything of her own accord, we glow when we allow this thing growing inside us, this amazing thing called the Holy Spirit to do what He does, and stop fighting it, the glow will come.

Even in heartache the glow will come. Even in tiredness, the glow will come.



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