There are forces of which we do not understand.  Over the past several years, in on-and-off fashion, I have worked my way through a book about creation written by an astrophysicist.  One of the profound things that I have taken away from the intense techno-speak is this: the most brilliant minds in the world agree that, at MINIMUM, 14 dimensions must exist in order for this world to function the way that it does.  We commonly understand four dimensions: height, width, depth, and time.  Astrophysicists believe there are at least 14–many insist there are up to a hundred different dimensions–but they all agree that there must be at least 14.  (How they figure that out is beyond me.)

These thoughts arise when I come upon a timing that can only be of God.  I am part of a Bible study that just started the third week of homework a couple of days ago.  I, however, hand’t gotten past day two.  This high-functioning, responsible, (neurotic?), gotta-get-my-responsibilities-done person hadn’t gotten past day 2.

I tried not to stress it, but I really did want to catch up.  Enter this weekend.  Spending time in the study is always rewarding.  Yet I stopped in my tracks when I came upon the following statement:

“The power of the resurrection trumps the power of the past if we’re willing to let it.” –Beth Moore, from James: Mercy Triumphs

I pondered it.  And I praised God for His timing.  Where I would have, in the past, breezed past it just to get the homework done, He slowed me down.

I needed that statement on this particular day.  I would not have seen Him in it three weeks ago.  I needed it today.  He knew that–so my homework sat undone until such a time that my heart would see Him reveal Himself in that one sentence.

I still haven’t moved beyond that statement.  I am writing this post, having not continued.  It is a holy moment of reflection.  Internal lessons on forgiveness, leaving burdens, and moving forward mesh with the idea that the resurrection trumps it all–if I am willing to let it.

And I am…

So, for now, my bookmark rests–still on day 2 of the homework, two pages beyond where I was when I started.

There are at least 14 dimensions that make our world work.  Only God could orchestrate the timing needed for the greatest impact in my heart, to His greater glory.


Photo by Katia Grimmer-Laversanne

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