Behold, all things become new.

A humble heart,
a husband of one, father of four,
a contractor by trade,
a Christian by calling.

And in his own quiet way, he is changing the world.  Next weekend, he is leading a group to change the world of one woman in his community.  And you can help, too.

Meet Eleanor:

This woman is raising her grandchildren after their mother, one of her four children, passed away. Her home needs maintenance that she cannot do on her own.

Enter the man.
This isn’t Nick’s first project.
Though it is the first of what will surely be many Nehemiah Projects.

Eleanor’s basement needs some attention–the furnace is next to the play area, and a safety wall is needed.  From the website: “Paint, caulk, some drywall repair, fixing a handrail, and some other wonderful service opportunities abound in this home. The best part is the bulk of this opportunity could be completed in 1 day.”

“The idea of the ‘Nehemiah Project’ was literally from a burned down house that we restored with the concept of Nehemiah when he rebuilt the walls and gates that had been burned by fire.”



Not only was the house gutted, but the men brought together to do the work had been gutted by life in a way as well.  “We used guys who are trying to rebuild their lives to put the house back together.  We came up with the slogan ‘We take broken guys and a broken house and have them rebuild together.'”

This group of broken men re-did the landscaping for the house above.  The “after” pictures show a landscape restored:

Because of the success of this project, now Eleanor will receive some of the same restoring attention from a group of men just trying to be better men.

Is your heart stirred?  Are you wondering what you can do to help?  There are three ways you can pitch in and become part of this restorative adventure:

  1. Come out and serve (if you live in Colorado, check out the info at the website)
  2. Financially–They need help purchasing the materials for Eleanor’s project.  Go to this link where you will be able to purchase anything from $3 caulking to framing materials for the basement.  (I pitched in $20 for paving stones!  Love a good paving stone.)
  3. Prayer–always, always prayer that the love of Christ touches each involved in the project (and, well, safety too 🙂 )

The link?  Check it out here:

I have to tell you–these projects, doing daily things that others can’t get to, really tugs at my heart.  You will likely see more Nehemiah Projects featured on this blog.  I love a good people-helping-their-neighbors in the love of Christ.

Will you join?  Will you be a part?  Give a shout out to Nick and his crew, prostrate before the throne as this man of God uses his own hands to bless God’s heart by blessing those around him.

And just in case you missed the link: Help Eleanor out by clicking here.

2 thoughts on “Nehemiah Projects…5 days and counting!

  1. oh my word jen. your words leave me speechless. thank you so much for your support, encouragement and grace in this endeavor!- love you.

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