The intentions are always good, but sometimes our follow-through is lacking, right?  I am right there with you.  All the intention to read the Bible in a year, and then life happens, you fall behind, and you feel terrible.

I have been there many a time.  My solution?  Take the pressure off!  Now, if God is calling you to do something, this is not your permission to bail on that something.  Be real–you know whether or not this applies to you.

SO here’s the plan.  Starting May 1, 2012 (16 days from today), I will be starting a new page of daily devotions.  We are beginning with Ecclesiastes.  Here’s the skinny:

  • a few verses a day
  • I will provide a paragraph or so of reflection
  • maybe even a little prayer.
  • That’s it.

And by the end of May, you will have read through Ecclesiastes.  The comments will be open on every post, and I hope you will feel led to post your own reflections–BUT this is about taking it easy on yourself.  Read a few verses, spend a few minutes, and maybe by the end of the month you will find yourself pondering more frequently throughout the day.

God works in mysterious ways.  Rather than beating ourselves up for not understanding, let’s just take it one bite at a time–together.

May His love about to you all!  Check back on May 1 for the first Daily Devotions post.

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