these past couple of weeks have been….interesting.  as i reflect on all that has passed, it occurred to me that God was answering a prayer i had long since stopped praying.

Easter week is typically a Christian blogger’s happy place.  people look for spiritual guidance, seekers look for something a little different, and those typically without an inkling of interest take a peek at what those nutty religious folk are writing.

and with the new website up, rational thought says blog until you can’t blog any more. and yet…


plenty of reflection,
plenty of prayer.

but not a single blog post.

and then He reminded me.

“But Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart.” –Luke 2:19, NKJV


i prayed for a while that i would be less about spouting out nearly every thought in my head.  that i would pause more.  that i would cherish some stories as personal.  keep some revelations as special between God and i.  and that in it, those actions would be honorable, quiet.

these past couple of weeks, He answered that prayer in abundance.

i appreciate you reading this blog, and sharing your thoughts in the comments.  i cannot tell you the times i have thanked God for the opportunity to share, and for you, the reader, who keeps coming back for some reason.

thank you for hanging in there, holding in the unintended silence, as i experienced the answered prayer of God.

keep seeking Him as i seek Him–and every so often we will meet where our paths cross, where our journeys come alongside.

pardon me, as i go ponder some more.  i pray we will meet again soon.



Photographer unknown.

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