Click here for today’s reading: Ecclesiastes 4:1-8

Reflection: Verse 6 stops me flat. Working for two handfuls brings toil and grasping. But quietness–precious, gentle, intoxicating quietness–what I desire so deeply comes with less. Quietness with a handful. The image: a man sitting in a pew, quietly looking at the one handful. We cannot see what he sees. What we can see is his demeanor. Quiet, with the hint of a smile, a secret thankfulness only shown by a small glimmer in the eye. Captivated by his calm contentment, I miss the bustling about me. For more than anything bustling can provide, I long for that quiet contentment.

Application: Where do you feel like you are grasping for more? Is God calling you to a quiet, pew-sitting image? Deep in your very soul, what do you most long for? God is there. He is calling you—to contentment. Embrace Him. Hold your handful in quiet contemplation of the God Who gave all for you.

Prayer: God. Call us. Amen.

Photo by Robert Walker

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